I teach seminars in Comparative Politics (comparative democratic institutions, consequences of institutional design), Interantional Relations (human rights), and Methods in Political Science (research design).

Teaching experience as lecturer:

University of Potsdam (in German)
MA seminars
. Democracy Studies: then and now (in English)
2020; 2021. The Power of Opposition
2020; 2022. The Politics of Human Rights
2019. Democratization and Democratic Stability

BA seminars
2020; 2022. Can Stable Democracies Be Designed?
2020. Recent Developments in Democracy Studies
2019; 2021; 2022. Introductory Seminar to Comparative Politics

University of Bremen (in German)
2018. Introductory seminar to Comparative Politics.

University of Geneva (in French)
2017. Introductory seminar to research in the social sciences
2016. Democracy Studies
2014. Democratization Theories
2014. Human Rights
2013; 2014. Stability of Democratic Regimes
2012;2013;2014. Introductory seminar to methods in political science